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Book Lori for a Workshop

Lori is currently booking VIRTUAL events only. She is available to be a guest speaker at your virtual jumpstart, advance, as a prize for Star Consultants, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Lori's current rate for a 1-hour event is $500/hour per Director. If you would like to book her for an event, please email


This is the most intense hands on workshop you could experience from start to finish!

Taking it a step further into your success. Training with Lori Hogg goes above and

beyond your  training sessions. This workshops informative education will change your AVERAGE confidence, your career and the relationship with your customers.

Each Segment of Lori’s 7- hour workshop is taught using a 3 step approach: 

PowerPoint/ Live Demonstration / Hands on Application

"This workshop WILL build your confidence! It WILL expand your knowledge of your business to new levels! Experience real makeup secrets and new ways to use and sell your products. Demos are preformed throughout the day on a large screen, giving the crowd a clear view of placement and correction! A special treat is in store for you…" 

Bridgett, Delaware


"I absolutely LOVED Loris Workshop!  Learning from a Master Makeup Artist is Amazing and the fact she instructs on OUR Mary Kay Products is Priceless!  I learned so much about our products as well as how to instruct our clients how to use them.  I Highly Recommend her WORKSHOPS!"

Kim, Alabama


"I have seen her in DE, PA and twice in Kentucky.  She is so worth it.  Lori is fun, real and very knowledgeable.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lori."

Brigitte, Delaware


"The product knowledge and confidence was amazing, but also her heart for our customers and sales force.  Her professional brush set has
CHANGED my bridal clientele!  The investment has been well worth it! "    

Amanda, Pennsylvania


"Love Lori, she is personable and so down to earth!  I learned so much from her.  Loved the hands on experience and I got to be one of her models!  She's just awesome!"     

Rosa, North Carolina


"I had the EXTREME PLEASURE of hosting Lori Hogg for an all day workshop.  We all learned a ton of new Color/Glamour/Application Tips.  In addition to being a brilliant teacher, Lori is entertaining and so relatable.  We had a fun day filled with great education and lots of laughter.  My consultant's color/glamour confidence was soaring by the time the day was over.  Lori's slide presentation at the end of the event is worth the price of admission. My advice.. Book them as soon as possible!"

Melinda - Executive Senior Director


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